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Full furnished apartments in Dresden

Living in luxurious furnished studios or vintage apartments in Dresden - Südvorstadt - close to TU Dresden and main station (HBF)


"Science, architecture, art and music meet each other in harmony and unity in the great city of Dresden."


Living and enjoying life at the Nürnberger Ei in Dresden's southern suburb. It is just a mile from the city center of Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Explore the early day’s villas and gardens around, or walk on foot into the world-famous Old Town.

Our house, built in 1905 in the “Art Nouveau style”, offers: furnished flats, flats from 1 to 4 Rooms an Offices. All accomodations are equiped with a kitchen. Due to its central location and the favorable shopping in the direct surrounding, most routes can be done on foot. The quiet garden is ideal for relaxing and socializing. Parking for the house is easily accessible and of no cost. The ensemble was originally inhabited by the royal staff of the King.

In the night of bombing on February 13, 1945, the building was rescued by a brave resident, who risked his life by throwing the firebombs from the roof. It is to him that we owe that our house in the old splendor is still intact – one of only a few buildings at the Süd-Vorstadt of Dresden at the Nürnberger Ei.

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